Educator. Musician. Composer. Videographer. Photographer.

 G’Day! This page is dedicated to my two favourite things; making awesome creative stuff, and helping people make awesome creative stuff.

My name is Ryan McRobb and I spend my time doing my two favourite things. I am currently freelancing as an Educator, Photographer, Videographer and Composer.

I would love to work with you!




I offer a huge array of workshops and tutoring in most fields of Digital Art. All of these workshops can be tailor made to meet the needs of schools, community groups, special needs groups, musicians and artists.

Here is a list of just a few of the educational services I offer:


Electronic Music and Recording

  • Introduction to Making Music with Computers – for all ages and musical ability.
  • Make Music for Free! – Using Acid Express (PC) or GarageBand (Mac) and a library of free royalty-free loops. A fantastic option for schools on a tight budget, who want to begin their journey into computer based music.
  • Digital Recording. Join the home and school recording revolution! This can be run as a one-off, or a series of workshops. I can also act as a consultant for your school, community group or workplace regarding recording.
  • Learn Ableton Live! Ableton Live is probably the most popular program for creating electronic music, and is equally comfortable producing music at home, or rocking it out at a live show!
  • Learn Reason! – Propellerhead Reason is famous for its fantastic array of sounds and visually appealing interface. This program is capable of creating believable classical sounds as well as huge electronic beats; come see what the fuss is about!
  • Learn ACID Pro! – When teachers ask me what the best program is for starting a school computer music program, my unhesitating answer is always Sony ACID Pro 7. This simple and intuitive program works wonders with everyone from general lower primary class to VCE music programs; it truly is that versatile.
  • iPads! – iPads and other iOS devices are often used in the classroom, on stage, for practising, and for many other purposes. Let me give you a tour of how you and/or your students can use the iPad. I have used the iPad for community recording projects, jam sessions for the general public, and for myself on-stage in front of an audience!

I offer many more electronic music courses and workshops, with many other applications. If you have anything specific you’d like to learn, just ask me! In the unlikely event I can’t teach you myself, I will definitely know someone who can. 🙂



  • Make a Documentary! – Let me show you all the different parts and aspects needed to create your own documentary. This is a fantastic program for schools, that can be integrated into many parts of the curriculum; English, History, Multimedia, Music, Graphic Design and Social Studies.
  • Make a Short Film! – Learn all the many aspects of making a film; from the concept and writing stage, to filming, acting, audio, soundtracks and editing.
  • DSLR Videography – Did you know that your DSLR can shoot video that is Hollywood quality? Well it can! Follow in the footsteps of films like Black Swan, Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and TV shows such as House, that used DSLR cameras to shoot their videos with. Learn all the tricks of the tricky yet immensely rewarding world of DSLR video.
  • Edit Video with Sony Vegas – I recommend Sony Vegas as the most intuitive video editor, that is appropriate for students as well as professional editors. Learn how to make the video that has been in the back of your mind with this amazing bit of software. (PC only)
  • Edit Video with Windows Live Movie Maker – You can make fantastic movies with the free video editor that comes bundled with Windows. It is intuitive and easy to use, with lots of useful options. A great one for Primary and lower Secondary students.
  • Edit Video with iMovie – iMovie is the free video editor that comes with every single Mac computer, and it is a great program that can get all budding video editors off to a great start. An excellent option for Primary and lower Secondary students.


  • Master your DSLR – learn how your DSLR works, and become comfortable using manual mode. Learn about the technical aspects of your camera, and learn some tips on how to shoot in different situations. Dive h eadlong into the highly rewarding world of digital photography!
  • Photoshop – The people I have taught Adobe Photoshop to, range from Graphic Designers to 6 year olds, and most people in between! Learn the most powerful image editing application on the planet.
  • DSLR Astrophotography – Learn the amazing art of shooting the night sky! Grab your tripod and let’s head out of the city to where the stars shine their brightest, and I will show you everything you need to know to take stunning star photographs with your DSLR.
  • Timelapse – Do you want to create those amazing timelapse sequences you see on TV and film? You’d be surprised what your own equipment can already do! Contact Ryan to see if this is a possiblity; then take it from there!
  • Long Exposure/Light Painting – Learn some light painting tricks, and delve in to the amazing and creative world of long exposure photography!


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